Monday, June 2, 2014

Hybrid adopted by a Col. from Area 51

A fascinating true story in novel form, telling of the author's daughter's experience with her college roommate,who turns out to be a live-in alien hybrid under government protection. Amazing, but true. A real page-turner, together with actual hypnosis session transcripts backing up the factual claims.

Editorial Review; About the Author

Helen was born and raised in rural New York. She attended a one-room country school during elementary school. Years later she took a few courses in creative writing and law at various junior colleges. Through a series of coincidences, hard work, self-study, and determination she became one of the first certified medical transcriptionists in California. Since then she has authored six medical reference books and is currently a freelance editor for a large medical publisher.

In addition she operates her own home-based medical transcription business in rural southern Oregon. In honor of her daughter she devotes much of her spare time to a need largely unmet, that of sewing and donating head coverings for cancer patients as well as designing and distributing patterns for these hats.

As a child, she saw lights in the night sky near her house, said by locals to be the "aurora borealis." She never once believed that these pulsating red, blue, and green lights that appeared in various formations hovering in the sky, then shooting toward the ground, emitting a shimmering glow, and always in the same place at the same time each evening, were northern lights. After each of these experiences, she came away with a powerful sense of peace.
Since then, and continuing to the present, Helen’s life has been filled with instances of precognition, paranormal events, and synchronicities which she believes have occurred to show her the way to a much broader life experience than most people could ever imagine, including the belief that we are not alone in the universe.

Helen Littrell, Merissa'a mother says she remembers Col. Nadine told her they were using the facilities of four corners Area 51 to work underground to help teach our scientist about the use of artificial blood, fingers, eyes and body parts that has not been done before. She says there was a treaty that we had with the ET's called MAJIC which means Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence. It controls all projects concocting all misinformation since the 40's.
Other secret Projects are Project LUNAR, an alien base on the far side of the Moon. Click links to see short descriptions of each.Project POUNCE ,and Project GARNET.

A very special scientist who also is a Geneticist, I learned, is really an ET working underground at four corners Area 51-52 or, somewhere there-in. He is in charge of the inter species breeding program. He made Raechel's food.

USAF Col. Nadine was on a "blue team" which were called to put out fires, or retrieve crashed UFO's. He retrieved Raechel out of a crashed UFO, and he felt compassion for her so, he adopted her. The Trilateral Commission who were keeping it from us wanted them to fabricate a reason to keep the Alien Spaceships to continue to go back and forth to their planets.

The young woman human hybrid Raechel was placed in a college with a roommate who was BLIND. This roommates mother is the author of this Book! Her food was delivered daily. It was a green liquid. See what Raechel wore to cover her features that would otherwise give her away. Learn what her eyes looked like and what she ate? When Raechel left abruptly, she left a note for Merissa saying: I left you a present. What do you thing it was?

They have been abducting people to make a new race for a very long time. Do you think there are hybrids walking among us? Are we hybrids? This book has immense meaning for these times.

You might enjoy it reading it. I sure did!

Click here for Cell Phone to Raechels Eyes: The Strange But True Case of a Human-Alien Hybrid